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Product of the Year

December 12 d., 2018 m.

Biovela Group claimed golden medals at the Lithuanian Product of the Year 2018 award

Biovela Group company group was awarded three medals for the best food industry products at the Lithuanian Product of the Year 2018 awards. Two products produced by the Group – Lithuanian beef tenderloin steaks Biovela T-Bone Beef Steak and slow cooked pork ribs Biovela Slow Cooked BBQ Ribs – have been awarded golden medals at the event which took place in the Building of the Government of Lithuania. Silver product of the year medal was awarded for the innovative Biovela fresh beef sausages with tomatoes and onions with no casing “Be jokio apvalkalo”.


Winners of the awards organised by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists for the 22nd time were also congratulated at the Government Building by the Prime Minister of Lithuania Saulius Skvernelis.

“I am really happy that we have received these awards. On this occasion, I would like to congratulate our entire team, Biovela Group employees. Awards like these are, first and foremost, the appreciation of our work, experience and expertise. And at the same time, they prove that we are able to perfectly adapt to the changing needs and attitudes of consumers,” stated the General Director of Biovela Group Audrius Kantauskas.

At the competition held by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, applications for the best products are annually assessed by the specially formed commission consisting of experts of the Lithuanian Standards Board, State Food and Veterinary Service, National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute, Environmental Management and Audit Institute, State Non Food Products Inspectorate, Ministry of Agriculture, State Public Health Service, Kaunas University of Technology, Light Industry Centre, Kaunas Kolegija and Vilnius Kolegija, and separate industry and business associations.

Mr. Kantauskas notes that award-winning products are well received not only by various commissions but also by buyers.

“It is understandable that a lot in business boils down to sales, and those show us that buyers already enjoy our products which were awarded the Lithuanian Product of the Year medals this year”, he states.

All companies registered in Lithuania can apply for the Lithuanian Product of the Year award. Only products produced in Lithuania and marketed for at least half a year can participate in the competition.




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