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BIOVELA – cares like moms do

  • Located in Dukstos, Vilnius Region, BIOVELA was founded in 1994. Back then it started off as a small family business with just a few staff. Over those years BIOVELA grew to become a contemporary and innovative enterprise with a stable and unique style of production, work and management. It won its way to the Lithuanian and foreign markets with confidence and success.

  • Biovela supplies itself with up-to-date and advanced facilities and invests in staff development regularly, all of its production processes and quality control mechanisms meeting EU standards.


  • BIOVELA is a universal producer boasting a diversity of meat products. The product range includes cured, smoked, cooked, marinated and culinary preparations. Enjoying a steady position on the market, it monitors and analyses market changes as it goes along, offering customers 10 to 15 new products per year.

  • Consumer surveys have shown that people associate the name of Biovela with tasty and quality products and refer to the producer itself as modern and trustworthy.

  • BIOVELA is a socially active enterprise. Its social activity is mostly focused on cherishing family values and reinforcing the family institution. One part of the programme is Vaikų produktų linija (Kids product line) for our youngest customers. We also take pride in Mamos produktų linija (Mom’s product line) offering delicious and quality culinary preparations.


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  • “Cares like moms do” has been Biovela’s catch-phrase for years. We want all moms to trust us knowing that when they serve BIOVELA-branded products, they are providing their family with the ultimately best.

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