Biovela Utenos mėsa

History, facts and turnover


Biovela Group 

  • BIOVELA Group is Lithuania’s largest and the most advanced group of meat processing companies and one of the biggest meat manufacturers in Central Europe. Having started operations in 1994, it now enjoys the biggest market share of the meat production sector in Lithuania.

  • BIOVELA Group boasts an immense product range including fresh meat (beef and pork), fresh meat preparations (marinated products and ready-to-cook foods), cooked, smoked and cured sausages and hams, pâtés, roulades, culinary preparations and preserved meat.

  • Our offers now span to over 1,000 products to impress even the pickiest consumers. Each product is unique and developed to meet the changing consumer needs, the formed standard of taste and consumption habits.

  • Fussy customers are looking out for fresh, quality and attractively packaged food. BIOVELA Group products come in differently sized and assorted-volume packaging, which protects products from mechanical impact, chemical exposure (oxidation), biological contamination, humidity and temperature exposures. 


  • The Group employs more than 1,300 qualified professionals and managers.

  • We have a modern slaughterhouse which meets EU standards.

  • The quality of carcass is ensured through professional synchronic cutting of livestock and computerised carcass assessment.

  • The production process is supplied with a quality self-control system (HACCP).

  • Raw materials and intermediate and final products are controlled using FoodScan, which is the most advanced food product analyser.

  • The production process employs modern meat shredders, product formation machines, efficient meat salting, frying and massaging, maturing, thermal processing, chilling and freezing and frozen meat thawing facilities and packaging lines.

  • We offer transportation, storage, sorting, distribution, labelling and packaging services both in Lithuania and in the EU states. 

The state-of-the art approach

  • Regular investment in state-of-the-art advanced technologies.

  • Monitoring of market trends, which enables a prompt response to market changes.

  • Modern facilities ensure the capacity to produce top-quality foods at competitive prices.


  • BIOVELA Group is a trustworthy business partner that helps create and develop contemporary trends of consuming meat and its products.


  • We are one of the largest producers in Central Europe with the strategic specialisation of top-quality cured and smoked products and meat appetizers.

  • The Group’s annual turnover stands at EUR 105 million and production totals around 50,000 tons of meat and its products per year.

  • We export up to 51% of our produce to other countries. We supply fresh meat and meat products to our partners in the Baltic States, Russia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Finland, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Byelorussia, Ukraine and other countries.


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