BIOVELA invites you to create new traditions and celebrate Steak Day on 14 March

Did you know that Steak Day is celebrated on 14 March? Although steaks are particularly beloved by Americans, you might be surprised to learn that the term actually has Scandinavian roots. The Scandinavian word "steak", which means a thick piece of meat for frying or roasting, originated around the middle of the 15th century. Eventually, the term evolved into the modern English 'steak'.  

BIOVELA invites you to create new traditions and celebrate Steak Day together with your loved ones. After all, it's another great opportunity to enjoy delicious food and good company, whether it's your other half, family members, friends or colleagues. Cooking together brings you closer and gives you good emotions, while a tasty dinner or lunch replenishes your dopamine reserves.

To make sure your steaks are perfect, here are some useful tips on how to best prepare the meat for steak.

Choose quality meat first

You can know all the rules and follow them strictly, but if the meat is not of good quality, you will never get the result you want.

If you don't want to take any chances, you won't go crazy with BIOVELA dry-aged beef entrecote - we guarantee that with BIOVELA steak, you'll have a meal prepared as if you're in the best restaurant.

Remove and keep the meat at room temperature

First of all, always remove the meat from the vacuum pack and place it on a paper napkin. Keep the meat at room temperature for at least 20 minutes. This will result in a much more even and tasty roast, as the napkin will absorb the meat juices and make it easier to reach the desired temperature and doneness during the roasting process.

Don't forget to drain the meat

Beef steaks are best cooked in heavy-bottomed cast-iron pans. If you don't have one, then use oil - add a little to your existing pan to help stabilise temperature changes.

Remember that only well-drained meat should be added to the pan. Otherwise, the steak will simmer in the pan until the meat juices evaporate. This is an important step that affects the texture of the roasted meat and can even spoil the overall eating experience.

Spices - when less is more

When it comes to spices and steak, less is more. Salt and freshly cracked black pepper will therefore suffice to achieve the perfect taste. Aged beef already has a characteristic flavour, so all you need to do is bring it out a little. A little seasoning and a variety of vegetables or sauces can help.

However, remember that you can season the roast with salt before cooking, but pepper should only be added to meat that has already been roasted.

Wait a bit

It is important to let the roast rest for a little while - place the beef on a clean paper napkin and leave it for at least a couple of minutes. This is when the steak takes on all the extra flavours, so it is important not to skip this step before serving and tasting.

By the way, while you are waiting, you can season the steak minimally with additional spices to suit your taste - a little smoked paprika or dried chilli pepper would be great.

Make the sauce in the same pan

Never drain the oil and meat juices from the pan - it's the perfect base for a tasty sauce. A splash of red wine, balsamic vinegar cream and a little butter and you have the perfect sauce. Put everything in the hot pan you used to fry the steak in, and fry the ingredients for a few minutes until cooked.

And the best part is that with these tips, you won't have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and you can all enjoy delicious steaks and quality time together.


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