Biovela STIX

Biovela, the summer adventure without snacks, launches a commercial filmed in Ukraine: a new character takes the place of the bear

The Biovela Stix video, which was a hit last year and featured a bear cub that won the audience's sympathy, now has a competitor. Since May, the brand's latest advert has been on TV screens, with a noble eagle at its epicentre, breathtaking images of Ukrainian nature and a focus on its product - Biovela Stix Salamini cured sausages.

Not just a new character, but a renewed range of flavours

Like the previous years, this year's video was also filmed in Ukraine. The spectacular nature images were captured long before the war, and are a highly symbolic reminder of the greatness and beauty of the country in the current context. The special effects-laden commercial tells a new story of magical realism, with the protagonist immersed in an adventure on a flowing Ukrainian river. A hungry tourist is quick to attract the attention of a majestic eagle, but as in the case of the previous year's icon, the bearcat, the eagle is more interested in the traveller's snack - Biovela Stix cured sausages.

Danish director Klaus Spendser, who directed the commercial and has mastered the creative plot, chooses the theme of adventure for a reason - in the warm summer months, unexpected stories happen not only according to the script, but also completely unplanned. And of course, that's when you want to grab a bite to eat!

According to Povilas Vinžanovas, Marketing Director of Biovela Group, the curious adventures captured in the new commercial are like a preparation for the upcoming summer season, which is unimaginable for many without picnics in nature, time by the sea or lake, fun hikes and other joyful moments.

"The warm season, especially in Lithuania, encourages us to spend as much time as possible outdoors, not within the four walls, but hunger doesn't go away with the summer. We would like to remind the audience that snacks are very important for our bodies, so having a good quality snack on hand, in your backpack, handbag or car is a must. "Biovela Stix snacks are a compactly packaged, easy-to-transport, filling and nutritious snack that is suitable for a wide range of occasions," says Mr Vinzanovas.

"The Biovela Group representative jokes that it is unlikely that you can summon an eagle with sausages alone, but the snack would easily attract the attention of picnickers or friends in the vicinity. This year, limited edition Biovela Stix smoked sausages with truffles and hot smoked sticks with bacon have been added to the existing flavours.

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